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We help companies streamline marketing and communications through social media, marketing, pre-saves, follow campaigns, playlist promotion, influencer marketing, AI, newsletters, chatbots, websites, artist strategy, label relations, branding and much more. Our primary goals are conversion, sales, streams, growth and engagement but we manage all types of OKR:s and goals. No matter if you want to promote a song, tour, increase followers, build a website or sell your products online – we're the partner to work with.

We have a strong connection to the music industry but we help all types of businesses; from the local supermarket to global conglomerates.



We offer digital marketing for all types of clients, across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Spotify and many more. This is a cost-efficient way to increase traction, streams, listeners, sales, views, followers, subscribers & fans. We build audiences, funnels, A/B-tests, analyse ROAS, ROI and much more. We can help you on small one-off projects, or manage your whole digital marketing plan, "day to day" campaigns, make forecasts and much more.



We help artists with music promotion. We send the release to blogs and influencers, supply music to PR, radio and tv channels. We also manage DJ mail blasts.


We build your website, no matter if you want a small site, landing page or an extensive homepage. We do everything from Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace to Wix. We also build apps, AI solutions, chatbots, shops and newsletters like Exact Target, Apsis, Mailchimp and Connect. We manage all types of website work; from webmaster to web editor roles. We also offer services in SEO and SEM.


We offer strategic consultation in digital media, social media content & planning, artist profiling, branding, tonality, etc. Negotiation of distribution deals and agreements between artists <> labels. Qualified expert consultation in digital strategies.


We have extensive experience of running successful campaigns on Spotify. We help you set up and optimise the Pre-save and Follow campaigns based on data and intel from thousands of campaigns. The regular services available on the market are per standard not optimised, and we help you adjust this. We help you set up streaming campaigns, playlist promotion & pitching

processing of playlist networks. We also manage Spotify Editorial pitching. Last but not least, we help you with targeted advertising.


We design websites, artworks, posters, advertisements and much more. We also manage video production/post production of music videos, EPKs, advertising material, TV commercials and much more.


We run influencer marketing campaigns and buy and negotiate with large and small influencers. We buy campaigns directly with selected influencers or via portfolio on networks. We work with any type of platform, like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. We create reports and analysis of each campaign.


We offer a number of additional services. We have a wide network of contacts in the music industry both in Sweden and internationally. We have also contacts with designers, photographers, programmers, radio promoters and much more. Contact us for your inquiry!

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