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Music Marketing

We are your go-to collaborator for all music marketing needs.

About us

Digital One, with over 15 years of experience, specializes in elevating artists' careers and streaming success. We specialize in increasing streaming and followers on platforms like Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Our expertise extends to music promotions, ticket sales, and building fan bases. 


We start each project by defining the target audience, using data-driven strategies. Our Performance Marketing approach ensures impactful campaigns, with over 5,000 set up annually for our clients.


Trusted by major record companies, we handle paid advertising across various markets, offering our expertise to a wide range of industries.


Our solutions are agile and affordable, suitable for any project size, from small-scale initiatives to extensive campaigns. Choose Digital One as your extended partner.

Trusted by:

Universal Music
Virgin Records
TEN Music Group
Epidemic Sound
Warner Music Group
Capitol Records
Cosmos Music

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Our team

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Peter Sundevall


Peter Sundevall is a digital music strategist with over 10 years of experience from renowned record labels such as Universal Music, Warner Music, Capitol Records, and Virgin Records. Specializing in digital marketing and strategies, he assists artists in boosting their streaming, ticket, and merchandise sales, expanding their following, and much more. At Digital One, he has supported hundreds of artists and record labels in achieving digital success.

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Jacob Thalin

Digital Marketing Manager

Jacob Thalin is a Digital Marketing Manager and alumnus of Stockholm International Business School. Recently joined from Warner Music, Jacob is now the driving force behind enhancing your digital presence. His expertise lies in executing paid social campaigns, targeting audiences, and increase sales. Whether it's about boosting streaming numbers, merchandising, concert ticket sales, or playlist curation, Jacob is your go-to expert. He offers a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, ensuring every aspect of your campaign is handled with finesse and geared towards great success. 


We help companies streamline marketing and communications through social media, paid advertising, follow campaigns, playlist promotion, artist strategy, label relations, branding and much more. Our primary goals are conversion, sales, streams, growth and engagement but we manage all types of OKR:s and goals. No matter if you want to promote a song, tour, increase followers, or sell your products online – we're the partner to work with.

Digital Strategy
Label Relations/Negotiations
Music Marketing
Performance Marketing
Playlist Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
Social media Management

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