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Peter Sundevall has more than 10 years of experience working with Swedish and international artists. He's been working at Universal Music, Warner Music, Capitol Records, Virgin Records, Lionheart, Epidemic Sound and many other music related businesses. Peter has been responsible for streaming, growth, sales, marketing, project management and much more during his time in the industry.

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Digital One was founded in 2015 by Peter Sundevall. Peter started his first joint stock company 'JRI' in 2005, at the age of 15. The company served as an umbrella company for a radio station, recording studio and a photography service. Since then, Peter's run a various of business ventures that have focused on media, music, marketing and programming.


In 2010 he joined the Universal Music record labels Lionheart and SoFo Records, to manage websites, social media and online promotion. Peter's role gradually changed within the company, and over the years he was responsible for digital marketing, playlists, artist strategies, release plans, radio, promotion, growing listeners, and streams. He worked with TV formats like Swedish 'Dansbandskampen', 'Idols', 'The Voice', 'Allsång på Skansen', 'Sommarkryset', 'Melodifestivalen' and 'Eurovision Song Contest'.


In 2015 he joined Capitol Records and Virgin Records (UMG) as a Project Manager - Digital Marketing. Apart from working with digital marketing and strategies, Peter was mandated to make uplifts, pick up international releases, sign songs and work with product and promotion on all of his own projects. During this time Peter made multiple deals with labels such as Beat My Day, Kontor Records, Armada Records, Capitol Records France and Spinnin' Records. Many of the releases were supported by world famous DJ:s like Hardwell, Avicii, Martin Garrix and Tiësto. At the same time he founded Digital One and worked as a consultant. He also worked with developing websites and helping other clients with marketing, in addition to his commitments at UMG.


In 2017 he joined the head quarters of Universal Music in Stockholm, as Online Marketing Manager. Peter was responsible for all digital marketing of both Swedish and international artists. During the same year, Peter was promoted to Consumer Marketing Manager and worked with collecting data about consumers, GDPR compatibility and data collection to streamline marketing investments in artist projects. He managed the strategy for all pre-saves, follow campaigns and CRM across both global and domestic repertoire. He also worked with the overall analysis and outcome of the strategy changes to maximize the effect on algorithmical streaming. He managed both global campaigns with artists like Avicii, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Alesso, Astrid S, NOTD, Tove Lo, Vargas & Lagola, and also localised campaigns for artists like Drake, Lana del Rey, Fifty Shades Darker, Logic, and The Weeknd. During Peter's supervision, YoY growth of the CRM database increased by 17%, compared to previous years 2-3%. In 2018 Peter left Universal Music after 8 years to focus solely on Digital One.

During the company's first month, Peter worked from home in the only available space he had; a closet which was allowed to function as a temporary office.


When he managed to acquire new clients and relationships, the company opened its first office at Wennergren Center in Stockholm. The company worked with a wide variety of both artists, labels and other businesses.


The first office opened in 2018 at Wennergren Center in Stockholm

However - Peter was offered an exclusive agreement with Warner Music as a Digital Strategist contractor, in September 2018. In this role Peter was responsible for digital strategies and marketing. He managed the setup of localised, Nordic as well as global campaigns, for artists like Ed Sheeran, Ava Max, Miriam Bryant, Sabina Ddumba, Laleh and Håkan Hellström. 


After 15 months at Warner, Peter joined Epidemic Sound in 2019 where he had an operational and strategical responsibility for digital marketing and CRM accounts. He was responsible for growth numbers, like YoY YouTube growth of 7M views to 21M views, YouTube subscribers growth by 92%, 615k to 1.25M, and cost per view results that decreased from 10 cents/view to 2 cents/view during his supervision.


In 2021 he was promoted to Senior Content Strategist. He was responsible for the company's operational and strategical digital marketing on SoMe accounts to improve awareness, engagement, consideration, conversion, retention, activation and growth of the company’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels (24 channels).


In March 2021 Peter left Epidemic Sound to focus solely on Digital One. 

In February 2022 Digital One entered a contract with Warner Music Sweden to manage all paid marketing.

In September 2022 Digital One hired its first employee.

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